Avatar Improved Quality of Care Scores

Avatar Improved Quality of Care Scores

Our experienced team at Avatar Healthcare is proud to be recognized for improving quality of care score as of the highest-ranked home health agencies in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area.

If you are looking for a trusted home health and hospice provider, we invite you to learn more about why we stand out in the industry. Today, we highlight a few of our priorities, showing why we continue to maintain such a high local rating.

Top 5% Home Health Agency in DFW

As you learn more about our company, you will see that we hold a ranking among the top 5% in our patient quality of care, among all providers in the local area. In addition, the OASIS data from the July 2021 data catalog, and you will see that we hold a solid 4.5 star ranking for patient satisfaction.

These ratings are based on patient improvements – looking at patient data to see how outcomes improve through our quality care. Data scores are calculated by looking at things such as ambulation (how well a patient can move around), self-care (how well a patient can manage grooming and hygiene), and more.

Our nurses play an essential role in supporting patients. Our goal is to facilitate the highest level of independence through these services.

Avatar Healthcare Puts Patients First

One of the reasons we reached an improved patient score is because of our focus on putting patients first. We work to provide each person with the support they need to remain at home and enjoy independence as much as possible.

Not only do we manage immediate circumstances and episodes, but we go above and beyond to help patients thrive. The goal is to optimize each patient’s lifestyle as much as possible while also minimizing recurrence in the future.

Here are a few of the highly-rated points in our patient quality of care score:

  • Timely Initiation of Care: Fast onboarding to provide care without delay. When a patient needs home health, it’s important to start these services right away. We have streamlined systems to minimize the stress and complications that often occur in the first stages of home health or hospice care.
  • Management of Oral Medications: Medication management is a key factor that influences the patient’s overall health and wellness. Our providers take a proactive approach in not only managing the medications but also maintaining communication to adjust dosages as needed.
  • Improvement in Ambulation: Maintaining the ability to move around is a factor that directly impacts each patient’s quality of life. We work with each individual to assist in safe movement and independence when available.
  • Improvement in Bed Transferring: At Avatar Healthcare, our providers have effective systems to assist patients with bed transfers. Comfort is always our focus, which is why we take care in planning transfers and ongoing healthcare services.
  • Improvement in Bathing: Ongoing grooming and personal care are critical to ensure each patient’s wellbeing. The focus is on supporting patients in self-care as much as possible, with nurses available to assist with all aspects of grooming and bathing.
  • Improvements in Dyspnea: When health issues affect the lungs and upper respiratory system, nurses can assist in managing and improving labored or difficult breathing.

What does it mean for us to have a high ranking? The data shows that these medical services are working to improve each patient’s health.

Choosing a Home Health Agency: How Avatar Healthcare Stacks Up

When it is time to choose a home health agency, many factors need to be considered to care for the patient’s needs and the family at the same time. It’s essential to choose a provider who offers quality services and has a strong reputation in the industry.

Our top 5% rating shows how Avatar Healthcare stacks up against the competition: we are proud to be recognized as one of the leading providers in the Dalla-Fort Worth area.

While these rankings are important, the thing that matters most is the focus on patient care and satisfaction. We prioritize our patients and their families – and the high ratings follow this top-notch quality of care.

Our home health care team stands out because of the way we work with our patients and their families. We help individuals and families remain in control of their care plan through this hands-on approach while also enjoying a quality, independent lifestyle at home.

What Doctors Need to Know about Patient Quality of Care

These quality-of-care ratings are helpful for families when choosing a home health agency. At the same time, doctors can benefit by understanding more about how Avatar Healthcare helps with patient improvement in key areas.

Our team organizes patient care activities while also sharing vital information among all providers and participants helping the patient: physicians, hospitals, in-home care providers, family members, and more. This clear communication is critical to help each patient achieve the best possible outcome.

We offer The Avatar Promise and have a Rapid Referral System to streamline processes and support both patients and healthcare providers. If you are a doctor or healthcare provider, this Rapid Referral System makes your job easy! Plus, we accept all major insurances.

By understanding that each person who uses these services is a person with unique circumstances, we can customize individual plans to better support both patients and providers.

Learn More about Avatar Healthcare

Avatar Healthcare is just a phone call away if you are looking for home health services for yourself or a loved one. We’d love to schedule a consultation to explain more about the ways your family can benefit from these home health services.

In addition to home health care, we also have experience with other services such as hospice and personal home care services. Each patient receives a personalized plan, with ongoing adjustments as their medical needs change.

Learn more by contacting us at Avatar Healthcare. Call to discuss these services over the phone or schedule a consultation with an industry expert: (844) 422-5528.


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